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Atlas of Railway Station Closures

Crecy Staff    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

An interesting and worthwhile idea, closed railway stations marked on to detailed maps of all the railways, using the excellent cartography of the Pre-Grouping Atlas and Gazeteer, together with a gazeteer of all stations and an interesting selection of photographs from the excellent Andrew Muckley collection of images. Another aspect of this book which I like a lot is that closed lines on the maps are colour coded according to what decade they were closed in, which gives the lie to the widely held notion that Richard Beeching closed everything. Also, the way in which certain lines were kept open but local services stripped out is graphically shown in this book for the first time I think - a really worthwhile book.

British Railways Locomotives Combined Volume Winter 1962-63

Ian Allan    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

British Railways Steam 1968 The Final Chapters

Stephen Leyland    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

A great book, how four friends from Bolton got the most out of the shrinking BR Steam scene in the last year of its operation. Laid out chronologically, this is no mere photographic album, but a fascinating biographical account of involvement in and passion for the doomed steam railway. The photographs are excellent, including a good number of colour shots, and the text contains a wealth of fascinating detail from the period.

Dalry Road Motive Power Depot, Edinburgh A History 1848 - 1965

Harry Knox    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Lightmoor struck lucky when they met Harry Knox, who has in this book produced a well informed and fascinating record of ostensibly just a Caledonian shed in Edinburgh, but actually the whole Caledonian approach to Edinburgh and the story of the later steam railway and its operations in the city. The book is also very nicely put together and designed, with images being of universally high quality.

The Decline and fall of The Westerham Railway A Prelude to Beeching

Ron Strutt    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

An excellent and comprehensively illustrated account of the last years of the "infamous" Westerham branch and the extensive efforts that were made to preserve it as an operating railway. The account of the efforts made is fascinating and detailed, involving a roll call of all sorts of interesting characters, some of whose names are even familiar. The images are universally good and clear and the rear section covers the state of the line today, quite a lot of which features the M25 motorway(!) Being hyper picky, I would have liked to have seen the beautiful Maurice Jarnoux images of the line blown up much bigger and the typeface seems a bit "heavy", but these are really nit picking quibbles, this is a great book and at a very reasonable price too.

Grouping Britain's Railways

A.J.Mullay    [Publisher: Pendragon]    Softback

The Industrial Railways of Port Sunlight and Bromborough Port

Mike Lister    [Publisher: Stenlake Publishing]    Softback

A new edition of one of the "Locomotion Papers", which was first published in 1980. Produced to a much larger format than the original, at millimetres 215 by 275, this is an attractive and interesting account of a once extensive industrial railway system. The larger format does much better justice to the pictures and plans, although being hyper picky it looks as if this edition uses scans of an earlier edition, or if not then the screening is arguably a bit coarse. And I still take issue with the publishers rejection of art paper, especially for a relatively slim book costing 22.95, blimey, even Wild Swan could do it for that price, probably.

Old Zambia's Railway and More

Gordon Shepherd    [Publisher: Stenlake Publishing]    Softback

A standard Stenlake, full of interest although with less pure railway content than the accompanying volume on Old Zimbabwe, many images depicting the wider environment, wildlife and indigenous population. The railway itself was built by the ubiquitous Pauling and formed part of the famous "Cape to Cairo" route.

Old Zimbabwe's Railways and More

Gordon Shepherd    [Publisher: Stenlake Publishing]    Softback

Quirky and interesting, and in the "standard" Stenlake landscape format. A large variety of railway operations are illustrated, many of them built by the famous Pauling & Company. George Pauling was a friend of Cecil Rhodes and his very obscure book "Chronicles of a Contractor" is well worth a read if you ever get hold of a copy.

Reshaping London's Buses

Barry Arnold and Mike Harris    [Publisher: Capital]    Hardback

Supplement West Gloucester & Wye Valley Lines

Neil Parkhouse    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Slim but beautiful, all the new colour images and a few minor corrections that have gone into the new edition of the main book, this enabling the very many original purchasers to enjoy new material without buying a whole second edition. Without exception all of the images are full of interest and atmosphere, and quite a few are just achingly beautiful.