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Peter Barnfield

Peter Barnfield very sadly passed away on the morning of Wednesday 15th August. Peter was a hugely talented artist and a long time observer and photographer of the railway scene, and  much else besides. He was also a great writer, able to memorably evoke atmosphere and memory with words, which skill was happily put to use in the recent series of books that Wild Swan produced with him. An individual of great character in so very many ways, I feel that a light has gone out in my own life and know that he will be very much missed by very many people. Nobody more so than by his wife and lifelong companion Ginny and by his son Ian, to whom I send  my deepest condolences.

I would hope to feature Peter and his work more in the future, but in the meantime his website carries on. He has also  left us all with a huge legacy of wit, wisdom and of course his work - farewell Peter and thank you for everything.

LNWR Wagons Volume Three

Is now available from Wild Swan, it has its own listing on the main website and can be ordered directly from there. Supplies are already on their way to booksellers who have already ordered copies. 42.50 

The first of two books on the Titfield Thunderbolt is now being printed, an updated and photographically much expanded edition of my earlier 2000 "On The Trail  Of The Titfield Thunderbolt". This should be available in early October - just in time for Christmas! Competitively priced at 8.95 and full of information and photographs - the complete guide to where they made the film!

Here is the cover image. Alan Dorrington's beautiful Bedford OB comes up the hill in Freshford while on "Reg and Colin's Great Railway Adventure" back in June of 2013 - a very grand day out. Photograph courtesy of Andrew Swift - thanks Andrew!

New to stock

A really nice book on the Great Western from Capital, "Great Western Style" see main listing for details. MRJ 265 is out, edited by Paul Karau himself, featuring Richard Butler's extremely attractive Westcliffe and amongst other features a superb Peter Kazer feature on Towyn Pendre, where I was myself just over a week ago.

Cygnet back issue price rises 

Oh gawd - he's had the management consultants in...

I have, with a degree of regret but a great deal of thought, decided to raise the prices of back issues of all the Cygnet magzines, ie British Railway Journal, Great Western Railway Journal and Model Railway Journal, by around 50p per issue, with effect from today. In the case of MRJ and BRJ the most recent issues (from 245 for MRJ and from 77 for BRJ) are still priced at their printed cover prices.The reasons for this change are a combination of factors:

  1. The relatively high cost of administration and stockholding the large number of items required to support these backlist sales.
  2. The relatively low "ticket price" of these items combined with the lower margin available on these items from Cygnet.
  3. The cost of payment processing for these items, many of which are purchased by means of cards, Paypal and Nochecks, all of which carry additional payment overheads for the business.
All of these items remain available to purchase direct from Cygnet (and other retailers) at their cover prices, but I  am afraid it is no longer viable for me to continue on this basis. Looking on the brighter side I will be delighted to continue to supply back issues on this revised basis. 

This new pricing applies to both mail order sales and sales in the shop. My system has been fully updated so that all sales scanned in the shop will come up at the new prices.

Also, I am quite often asked if I can supply these journals on a "standing order" basis, and the answer is now unfortunately not. I used to do this, but in order to maintain focus on the Wild Swan publishing business while retaining some sanity I am having to simplify some aspects of the business in order to do better overall. Other online retailers of these magazines will provide this service I believe

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Simon Castens

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