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Mk 1 coach latest update

Inspired by his friend Bob Hunter, Fred Phipps turned his scratchbuilding project into a kit making exercise and in 1997 introduced his first highly detailed kit for the North British class 22 diesel., he has since then built up a small range of kits that will build up in to very accurate and believable models.

The range so far, together with current prices for each kit.

  • Class 29 diesel electric.                                       595
  • Class 22 63XX W.R. diesel hydraulic                 575
  • Class 42 "Warship" class                                     620
  • D600 "Warship"                                                     670

The models consist of a one piece injected resin body moulding, together with numerous lost wax brass castings and nickel silver etches for grilles buffer, hoses etc. Wheels, motor and gears are not included but suitable items are available separately including accurate cast iron wheels from Mark Wood.

Mark One Coach Kit

Fred has also produced a very "high fidelity" kit for the ubiquitous BR Mark 1 coach in 1/32 scale. The first subject chosen is the most common, being a corridor second. The patterns are cleverly designed to allow the future production of other types in the series, thus enabling the modeller to build up a complete representative passenger train. The main body is cast in a single resin piece and the windows are clear castings that are made in such a way that the glazing is flush with the body side which presents a scale width, with none of the distracting "prismatic" effects that have been seen on some other flush glazed stock. Bogies are cast whitemetal while the chassis is largely produced from etched brass. Corridor connectors are produced in a functioning flexible rubber type material.

This exquisitely detailed coach kit is now available, contact Fred for details of exact price and specification.

Some pictures of the first prototype are shown below::

NBL Class 29 diesel electric

Fred's first essay in 1/32nd scale kit production, the ill fated diesel which was last used on the West Highland lines before withdrawal in the early '70s. Kit 595.00 requires wheels motor and gears to complete.

1/32nd model of class 29


Class 22 diesel hydraulic

Fred's second kit, the Western Region's quirky type 2 designed for branch line working and a contemporary of the traditional steam scene. A perfect prime mover for Slater's milk tanks. Kit 575.00 requires wheels, motor and gears.

1/32nd model of class 22


The class 42 Warship

Fred's magnificent "Warship" diesel, every subtle curve and detail perfectly captured in 1/32nd scale, a truly impressive looking model. Kit 620.00 requires wheels motor and gears to complete.

1/32nd model of class 42

Fred is now working on something a bit different - a one piece resin body for a BR standard "box van" including properly modelled and accurately depicted corrugated ends. Before you ask, he has gone for a two piece end...

So watch this space - more progress to report soon! (December 2015) This will be a very useful item of stock for BR modellers, no more chopping up of Slaters 10mm scale versions!!
Fred Phipps Models

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