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Some guidelines for using the Search Facility:

[1] Use singular words rather than plural, e.g. "coach" will find titles containing either "coach" or "coaches", whereas searching on "coaches" will miss titles which contain the word "coach".

[2] Separate multiple search words with spaces. Avoid boolean operators, logical expressions and parentheses.

[3] If multiple search words are input, the program will attempt to find titles containing all the words, irrespective of the order in which they appear. If no matches are identified where all the words are present, then titles containing any of the search words will be listed.

[4] Avoid using words of three characters or less, the program will ignore them. However, it will recognise some common 'railway related' short words and abbreviations such as "oil", "Ivo" (as in Peters), "BR", "LMS" and "GWR".

[5] Avoid single word searches using a very common word such as "railway" as this is likely to result in many pages of matching titles.

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