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Last updated 10th June 2020

Tollbridge Studios The new business location is at 4 Tollbridge Studios, Toll Bridge Road, Bath, BA1 7DE, just under a mile to the East of the previous shop in Larkhall. The retail showroom space will be open on Thursdays (once the current restrictions are lifted). Mail order continues unabated, and in common with several other similar businesses we have actually seen an increase in sales over recent months, perhaps reading books has become more popular as we have all faced a world with less options for entertainment and travelling.
We remain well and suitably socially distanced here and hope that all of you are well and coping ok in the current difficult circumstances.

Larkrail The return of this show is now postponed until 2021. We have with some regret decided that it will just not prove practicable or completely safe to run it this year, even if the current restrictions are lifted, partially or otherwise. If you go to the Exhibitions page you can however read another poem on the returning of the show from the great bard of Cathays, Roger Swan.

Web Site Revisions The move to Tollbridge Studios has involved a substantial change from the retail layout of the Larkhall Shop. As a result of this and the gradual shift towards on-line sales, we have altered the site navigation to make finding individual books more intuitive, hopefully!
The route to the books is now via the new "Books by Subject" link replacing the previous "Browse the Bookshop" approach. "News Page" and "Site Map" links have also been added.
Please let us know if you experience any issues with using the revised web site and we will endeavour to sort these out.

New to Stock Among the latest items to stock are two new titles from the Transport Treasury, "Traction Times" and "The Southern Around London", "Narrow Gauge & Industrial Modelling Review issue 122", "Archive issue 106", the excellent "Industrial Locomotives & Railways of Wales" by Gordon Edgar, "The Encyclopedia of 21st Century Signal Boxes" and a welcome reprint of "Southern Nouveau" from Irwell Press.
Note: The superb new IRS book on Sentinel Locos and Railcars is now back in stock and is a real credit to its publishers.