The Titfield Thunderbolt Bookshop
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Last updated 6th August 2020

The business is now well established at 4 Tollbridge Studios, with more space available for working on new books, developing the website and packing and organising orders for both retail and trade customers. With the ongoing Coronavirus situation mail order retail sales are holding up well as we all seem to be turning towards hobbies and reading, something which has been reported more widely as a possible positive consequence of the current difficult circumstances.

It seems to us that shows will remain a near impossibility until Easter 2021 at the earliest, and even that may be an optimistic date given the uncertainty that we are all faced with. Rest assured that this business will be continuing whatever happens, our working environment and practices are consistent with the current situation and there are many things that can be developed and worked on in the absence, for example, of all of the work involved in going to shows.

Other publishers are producing new books, albeit at a reduced rate, and a major objective here is for Wild Swan Books to produce some more new titles. Several are being worked on, the first to appear will be a book from Geoff Kent "Unconsidered Trifles, Images of the Everyday for Modellers and Artists", a sourcebook of all-colour images of fascinating remnants from the past within our built environment. Lots of ideas for modelling and an interesting walk through some quieter parts of the country; further details to follow shortly.

New into stock from Lightmoor are two books, Volume 10 of the "First 25 years of BR" series which covers Mid Wales and the Cambrian Coast, and "Caledonian Railway Locomotives - The Classic Years", including the magnificent 'Cardean' Class. Southern Way 51, Narrow Gauge and Industrial Review 123 and MRJ 279 are all now out too.