British Railway Journal

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British Railway Journal 79

Paul Karau    [Publisher:  Cygnet Magazines  2018]    Magazine    80 pages

Great to see another issue of this lovely journal, articles include Blisworth in the 1940s, Chester Northgate in May 1949, two good narrow gauge feautures, Adrian Gray on "Moel Tryfan" and Vale of Rheidol numbers 8 and 9 in pictorial detail, plus more besides, including an utterly glorious feature on LMS camping coaches by Mike Fenton.

British Railway Journal 77

Paul Karau    [Publisher:  Cygnet Magazines  2013]    Softback    80 pages

Three main articles in this issue, Leamington Spa Avenue, an appealing follow up on the subject of GWR camping coaches by Mike Fenton, with some charming personal memories and beautiful photography and a detailed look at "The Crumbles Branch" in Eastbourne. This last is a fascinating piece of railway history about which I knew nothing, a line built to exploit shingle on the coast but also serving an electricity and gas works. Post War it was partially converted to narrow gauge and this article details the whole thing in great detail, including detailed maps and period photoraphs - 33 pages of obscure railway joy! Edgware Road, Sturton GC and Radstock West also feature in photographs in this issue.

British Railway Journal 76

Various    [Publisher:  Cygnet Magazines  2011]    Softback    80 pages

Containing five differing in depth articles, including a second look at the Aldeburgh Branch which follows on from that in issue 75, I think that this continues a return to form for Wild Swan's first serial adventure. Paul's editorial is a nice piece of writing, which sets the tone for Bill Kendall and Chris Turner's lead article on Towcester while rural backwaters are exemplified in part two of Wooton to Brill. A great read and the perfect antidote to any tiresome preoccupations you had before you picked it up and started browsing its pages.

British Railway Journal 54

Various    [Publisher:  Cygnet Magazines  1995]    Magazine    40 pages

An obscure Scottish WW2 military port railway, Wilton GWR in 1921 and an extended piece on Henstridge S&DJR.