Early Railways, Railway Architecture

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Locomotives Of The Victorian Railway The Early Days Of Steam

Anthony Dawson    [Publisher:  Amberley Publishing  2019]    Softback    96 pages

From "Rocket" to "Coppernob" via "Lion", and on the broad gauge "Firefly" and the "Iron Duke". A detailed and well illustrated account of the development of these early locomotives, a number of which survive in one form or another, by now alongside fascinating replicas that have been built since. A good account of how technology of all aspects of locomotive engineering had to evolve as the railways became more successful and loads and speeds increased.

Paddington: A 150th Anniversary Portrait

Tim Bryan    [Publisher:  Silver Link  2004]    Softback    112 pages

A new edition in 2004 of a 1997 book, this is a very competent and attractive pictorial record of Paddington Station. The 150 llustrations used are of excellent quality and present many unfamiliar aspects of the station and its architecture, staff and the trains that served it. The period covered is the last century, with the bulk of the photographs covering the period from after the First World War up until the last flourish of steam power.

The Railway Navvies

Terry Coleman    [Publisher:  Author  2015]    Hardback    320 pages

A very welcome reprint of Terry Coleman's definitive history of the men who built the British railway system, with a welcome and interesting new preface by the original author.

Sir John Hawkshaw 1811 - 1891

Martin Beaumont    [Publisher:  L&YR Society  2015]    Hardback    162 pages

Subtitled "The Life and Work of an Eminent Victorian Engineer" this a very well illustrated and nicely produced book which charts the engineering achievements of one man. This aside, it also encompasses a large amount of material on his contemporaries and the ideas and issues that were current at the time. Bridges, Buildings, drainage sysyems, Railways and their infrastructure, many and much of which remains as a vital part of our modern world.