Industry, Mining, Quarrying

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Always under Pressure

Malcolm Falkus    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

The Beauty Of Bath Horstman: Engineering In A Georgian City

Trevor Turpin    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Bentley Colliery

Gordn E Gough and John G Teasdale    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

British Small Mines (North)

A.J. Booth    [Publisher: Industrial Railway Society]    Softback

British Small Mines (South)

A. J. Booth    [Publisher: Industrial Railway Society]    Softback

Called Home The Dartmoor Tin Miner 1860-1940 Photoraphs & Memory

Tom Greeves    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Hardback

Coal Mining a Technological Chronology 1700 - 1950

Alan Hill    [Publisher: Northern Mine Research Soc]    Softback

A Complete Guide To The Engine Houses Of West Cornwall

Damian Nance and Kenneth Brown    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

The Conside Trilogy

Garry O'Hagan    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Digging Bath Stone

David Pollard    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Edwardian Dean in Colour

Neil Parkhouse and Iam Pope    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Frog Lane Colliery Sixty Years On

South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

From The Mendips To The Sea

Duncan Harper    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Gazeteer of Slate Quarrying in Wales

Alun John Richards    [Publisher: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch]    Softback

Geevor Mine Underground

Buckley, Wills & Riekstins    [Publisher: Penhellick Publications]    Softback

A History of The Fullers Earth Mining Industry Around Bath

Neil Macmillen with Mike Chapman    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

An Illustrated History Of Chester Leadworks

Geoff Pickard    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Inclined Planes in the South West

Martin Bodman    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Softback

The Magic of Hot Water

Brian Roberts and Paul Yunnie    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Memories Of The Warwickshire Coalfields

David Bell    [Publisher: Countryside Books]    Softback

Slate Quarrying in Corris

Alun John Richards    [Publisher: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch]    Softback

Slate Quarrying in Wales

Alun John Richards    [Publisher: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch]    Softback

Somerset Coalmining Life a Miner's Memories

Fred Flower    [Publisher: Millstream]    Softback

South Crofty Mine Geology & Mineralisation

N. G. LeBoutillier    [Publisher: Penhellick Publications]    Softback

South West Stone Quarries

Peter Stanier    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Softback

On Tour with Thomas Telford

Chris Morris    [Publisher: Tanners Yard Press]    Softback

Wheal Jane Underground

Deakin, Buckley & Riekstins    [Publisher: Penhellick Publications]    Softback