Local Interest, Local Walks

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All Roads Lead to France: Bath and the Great War

Andrew Swift    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Hardback

Bath Buns and Chocolate Olivers

Rosamund Willoughby    [Publisher: Hobnob Press]    Softback

Bath Through Time

Jenny Knight    [Publisher: Amberley Publishing]    Softback

The Bombing of Bath

Niall Rothnie    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Softback

Bradford on Avon Past & Present

Harold Fassnidge    [Publisher: Ex Libris Press]    Softback

Charmy Down; Bath's wartime airfield, peacetime village and Cold War secret

Howard Burton    [Publisher: Thunderbolt Books]    Softback

Childhood Memories: Growing Up in Kingsmead and Weston

Pauline Forrest    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

Curious Wiltshire

Mary Delorme    [Publisher: Ex Libris Press]    Photograph

Figures in a Wiltshire Landscape

Ken Watts    [Publisher: Hobnob Press]    Softback

Fourteen Circular Walks In And Around Radstock

Peter Bradshaw, Larry Cunningham and Sue Fraser    [Publisher: Radstock Museum]    Softback

Literary Walks In Bath

Andrew Swift & Kirsten Elliott    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

The Map That Changed The World

Simon Winchester    [Publisher: Penguin]    Photograph

The Myth-Maker: John Wood 1704 - 1754

Kirsten Elliot    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

No Swinging on Sundays

Kirsten Elliott    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

On Foot In Bath

Andrew Swift    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

The Ringing Grooves of Change

Andrew Swift    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

Somerset Follies

Jonathan Holt    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

Trowbridge Through Time

Kevin J Hartley and Andrew D Jones    [Publisher: Amberley Publishing]    Softback

Walks on the Mendip Hills

James Alsop    [Publisher: Ex Libris Press]    Softback

The Year of the Pageant

Andrew Swift & Kirsten Elliot    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback