Model Techniques, Construction

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Landscape Modelling

Barry Norman    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  1986]    Softback    66 pages

An inspiring book, visually pleasing but also very practical in its advice on techniques for model railway scenery. Although the author is very skilled, and the book illustrates some of the most convincing model scenes ever created, the author does not "talk down" to the beginner and the methods and ideas he describes are easy to understand and adopt.

Locomotive Modelling From Scratch and Etched Kits Part One

Geoff Holt    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2012]    Softback    108 pages

This book, it seems to me, is both a practical guide to the business of model locomotive construction and also an interesting account of how the hobby has changed and developed since The Second World War. Geoff's own model building "career" started with a chance friendship with a like minded German prisoner of war and has since involved him with many of the leading names in the hobby. Very well illustrated throughout with colour photography and numerous sketches and line drawings, the book starts with a more or less general introduction to tools, materials and techniques before embarking upon a "signature model", the Great Central's "Immingham" class 4-6-0. Two of these are to be built in 7mm scale, one from scratch and the other from a kit, and this first volume will take us as far as the rolling chassis, with part two due next year taking us to the completion of the job. Well written, informative and a novel approach to its subject, all as well produced as you would expect from Paul Karau and Wild Swan.

Locomotive Modelling From Scratch And Etched Kits Part Two

Geoff Holt    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2013]    Softback    144 pages

The second part of Geoff Holt's personal approach to locomotive building, getting down to the "nitty gritty" of actual building from the running plate and upwards, through to traction testing and painting, with a final chapter covering the basic use of a lathe. Geoff sadly passed away just after having completed the proofs for this second volume, but this and the earlier volume on his art and craft form a very fine and fitting tribute to the man and the beautiful railway models that he created. As well produced as you would expect from Wild Swan, with more colour than has been usual and all very clearly and informatively laid out.

Modelling Buildings Creating and populating realistic scenes

Pete Goss    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2023]    Softback    144 pages

Profusely illustrated and with a detailed "step by step" text, Pete Goss shares his secrets and shows us all how he creates his stunning models and scenes. Illustrating all of his creations, and with a foreword by his friend Steve Flint (who also kindly provided many of the photographs in the book) the book also covers Pete's approach to his modelling, the background to his different scenes and numerous tips and techniques for effectively recreating the built enivonment.

Modelling Grassland & Landscape Detailing

Gordon Gravett    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2013]    Softback    112 pages

Gordon moves on to ground cover in his third book on scenic techniques for Wild Swan, setting out to demonstrating how a scene can be brought to life through the use of scatters, fibres, grits and powders. He gives some thought to the issue of colouring and also covers wild flowers, hedges, puddles, wet areas and rivers. Superb all colour photography throughout and illustrated with examples of Gordon's very believable work.

Modelling Trees Part One - Broadleaf Trees

Gordon Gravett    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2011]    Softback    92 pages

An all colour guide to how Gordon Gravett creates his exquisite model trees, covering observation of the prototype, placing trees into a model scene and of course actually creating the models. Well written, beautifully observed, and a genuinely practical guide to modelling, detailing methods and materials in both words and clearly presented pictures. There are some really innovative ideas in here too, for example a nifty way of making birds nests and mistletoe. A really attractive book, even when judged by the high standards of this publisher.

Modelling Trees Part Two - Conifers

Gordon Gravett    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2012]    Softback    92 pages

In this book Gordon makes a good case for conifers in the English landscape and then explains how to replicate them in miniature. Whilst some of the techniques are the same as for broadleaf varieties, Gordon highlights a number of novel methods that can produce stunningly good results. The whole is well illustrated in colour with both model and actual tree shots and the actual modelling methods and materials used, Well written and readable, this is another delight from one of our most talented modellers and foremost publishers.

Modelling With Plastic Structure Kits

Iain Rice    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2014]    Softback    116 pages

A completely new edition of Iain Rice's deservedly popular book on getting the most from the "Wills" moulded plastic sheets, kits and scenic details. In addition to showing you how to build bridges stations and all sorts of other structures, now using colour photography throughout, there are informative and inspiring photographs of the "real thing" and Iain's excellent sketches show in detail the methods of construction adopted by the prototype. A final chapter covers painting and finishing techniques and it should also be said that throughout the book there is plenty of useful information for modelling fron scratch in styrene sheet. A great new edition from one of our best railway modelling authors, long may he continue.

A Scratchbuilders Guide to Semaphore Signal Construction

Peter Squibb    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2010]    Softback    108 pages

A very well illustrated and informed guide to making signals, although I have a feeling that the words GWR ought to have been included somewhere in the title. Peter makes the most magnificent and authentic model signals, the results of meticulous and well observed modelling coupled with a knowledge of the subject gained from a lifetime spent working with the real thing. Subjects are mostly GWR as are a large majority of the photographs in the book, although the modelling techniques shown can obviously apply to any company's signals. There are some very good and original techniques shown, including the construction of lattice posts, and the whole book is beautifully produced and extremely well illustrated, with good use of colour photography for the models.

Trains Cranes And Automobiles Radio Control For Model Railways

Giles Favell    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2021]    Softback    112 pages

In this book Giles Favell shows us just how he sets about creating his ingenious radio controlled vehicles and cranes, providing full information on his construction and design techniques and the components and suppliers that he uses. Starting with an introduction and general description, each vehicle and and crane built is described in a detailed "blow by blow" style, using numerous illustrations and sketches to explain what is going on.Towards the end of the book Giles describes his approach to radio controlling locomotives and then discusses current and future projects and possibilities. Well known for his highly entertaining "Denton Brook" layout, Giles has a nice way of explaining what he does that will I think encourage the rest of us to "have a go" ourselves.

Whitemetal Locos

Iain Rice    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  1989]    Softback    64 pages

In his inimitable and readable style, Mr Rice explains how to extract the best from the various qualities (!) of whitemetal kits, including the remedying of faults and detailing.