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The Iron Horse

John Ford    [Publisher:  Granada   1924]    DVD    150 pages

A two disc set complete with a 40 page booklet containing vintage artwork and publicity material, celebrating John Ford's epic masterpiece which tells the story of the building of the railroad across America. This is the full 150 minute length version of the film, created from a high definition master and accompanied by a 2007 score by Christopher Caleno, together with a 133 minute "International" version of the film with an audio commentary by someone who knows his subject well. Also includes a "video essay" on the film and its maker together with a copy of the original shooting script.

Ivo Peters His Films Revisited, The S&D Part Two

Julian Peters    [Publisher:  Julian Peters  2002]    DVD    60 pages

Much the same comments apply to part two as one, except that Ivo was less attracted and further away from the southern section, and the coverage is therefore a little patchy, a few locations being briefly represented by still photographs. Still interesting and good value, but not quite as good as part one. One particularly good sequence however covers in detail shunting a up pick up goods at Shepton Mallet. Also available in video format at the same price.

Ivo Peters Volume Eight Steam in 1962

Julian Peters    [Publisher:  Julian Peters  2020]    DVD    50 pages

Re-mastered from the original high quality 16mm colour film, this is a collection that reflects Ivo's wide ranging and eclectic taste. Starting with a review of industrial railway operations in the Birmingham area, we are next treated to Teddy Boston's unique set up, with the man himself going shopping on his steam roller. Back on BR we see the last of the GW small saddle tanks in operation, a visit to Swindon Works and operations in and out of Yeovil Town. The film ends on a poignant note with Ivo recording of the passing of the very last "Pines Express" over the Somerset and Dorset. Incidentally, see Peter Smith's book "The Somerset and Dorset from the Footplate" for a terrific account of this event and much more.

Ivo Peters Volume Four North Wales Narrow Gauge Steam 1959/60

Ivo Peters    [Publisher:  Julian Peters  2019]    DVD    49 pages

Fully re-mastered from the original 1" tape, this is a superb record of its subject. Starting with a visit to the Vale of Rheidol, Ivo visits the Talyllyn and the Festiniog Railways, with the main part of the programme covering his exploration of the lost slate workings and quarry railway operations of the Padarn and Penrhyn.

Ivo Peters Volume Seven Steam in 1961

Julian Peters    [Publisher:  Julian Peters  2020]    DVD    55 pages

Remastered from Ivo's high quality 16mm original colour film, 1961 included a run on the Blue Pullman from the cab, Sapperton Bank, Honiton, Wickwar, Weymouth Quay, the "Solent Limited" and the last day on the Midland and South Western Junction Railway. Also much industrial, Bowaters at Sittingbourne, Avonmouth Docks, Becton and Exeter Gasworks locomotives, and action at Stavely. How times have changed!

Ivo Peters Volume Three Westmorland 1965/67 Scotland Easter 1963

Julian Peters    [Publisher:  Julian Peters  2016]    DVD    52 pages

Shap before electrification and the M6 and the famous railtours in Scotland of the four Pre Grouping Scottish locomotives. Shot using 16mm film on a tripod, the quality is very good and the dubbing well carried out. A commentary describes the trips, Ivo being accompanied in Scotland by his friend Derek Cross

The Complete Ivor The Engine

Oliver Postgate    [Publisher:  Universal Pictures  2005]    DVD    186 pages

Forget Thomas, that poor unfortunate over-hyped tank engine from the island of Soldon, here are the complete 24 colour episodes chronicling the life and times of Ivor the Engine, the delightful creation of Oliver Postgate. Beautifully written and drawn and wonderfully Welsh, I think this is one of the best things to have ever appeared on television. I think Ivor was based upon "Plasfynnon" an 1863 built Sharp Stewart that worked on the Kerry branch, but whatever his origins the delightful and sometimes whimsical stories somehow "live" in a way that the Reverend Awdry's creations (wonderful as they were) do not.

Steam On 35mm The 30s 40s 50s 60s

John Huntley    [Publisher:  Video 125  1989]    DVD    120 pages

A combination of the first two videos that John Huntley produced, featuring professionally shot 35mm film of railways from the decades of the title. A running time of two hours and most notably from our point of view featuring out takes from the "Titfield Thunderbolt".

The Lavender Hill Mob

Tibby Clarke    [Publisher:  StudioCanal  1951]    DVD    78 pages

With this film, Tibby Clarke, (writer of "The Titfield Thunderbolt"), was awarded an Oscar for best story and screenplay. Alec Guinness stars alongside Stanley Holloway in an hilarious bank robbery caper, Sid James and Alfie Bass also make supporting appearances. This is a digitally restored "print" featuring various extras including an interview with the director Charles Chrichton, behind the scenes stills and the cinema trailer. Watch out for an early sctreen appearance of a young Audrey Hepbun too

The Titfield Thunderbolt dvd

Tibby Clarke    [Publisher:  StudioCanal  2013]    DVD    80 pages

Studiocanal have gone back to the original prints and digitally re-mastered the whole thing, and this is the result - absolutely wonderful. Also including a featurette on Lion itself, a cinematic trailer, some then and now views of locations and best of all the home movie footage shot by Douglas Slocombe, including a Dean Goods running on the Camerton Branch in 1951 - amazing!