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The Arbroath and Forfar Railway

Niall Ferguson    [Publisher:  Oakwood  2000]    Softback    240 pages

A solid chunk of Scottish railway history, a minor network around Dundee and its convoluted history. Part eventually becam the Caledonian main line, but subsequent rationalisation chose another route, and the whole network withered and died, the last "stub" failing in 1967. One copy left (Jan 2008).

Burntisland Fife's Railway Port

Peter Marshall    [Publisher:  Oakwood  2001]    Softback    192 pages

Prior to the building of that most famous bridge, Burntisland was the northern railhead for Edinburgh, accessed by a ferry across the Firth of Forth. It went on to develop into a major port and industrial area, full details of which are recounted and illustrated in this densely packed book. Industrial railways are included, the most notable of which is the Aluminium works, and there is a worthwhile appendix on observations of private owner wagons in the area, with some excellent drawings attached.

The Glencorse Branch

Jeff Hurst    [Publisher:  Oakwood  1999]    Softback    176 pages

A comprehensive history of a relatively unknown North British branch which ran off the northern end of the Waverley Route. Part was until recently in use for access to Bilston Glen Colliery, and eight miles of line remains in place, with the local authority considering reinstatement of a passenger service.

The Wemyss Private Railway

A.W. Brotchie    [Publisher:  Oakwood  1998]    Hardback    272 pages

A well written and comprehensively researched history of a famous private railway, built by the Wemyss estate to carry coal traffic, against the wishes of the North British Railway. This is one of the best produced books I have seen from Oakwood, containing a wealth of photographs and plans, all very well defined and printed.