West Country Railways

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125 Years Of The Helston Railway

Chris Heaps    [Publisher: Silver Link]    Softback

Branch Line To Minehead

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith    [Publisher: Middleton Press]    Hardback

British Railways The First 25 Years Volume 4 The South West

J. Allan and A. Murray    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

British Railways The First 25 Years Volume 5 The South West

J. Allan and A. Murray    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Caradon and Looe, The Canal, Railways and Mines

Michael Messenger    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Softback

Cornish Railways

John Vaughan    [Publisher: Ian Allan]    Hardback

Cornwall Transition from Steam

Jeremy Clements    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback

Devon And Cornwall The Class 47 Years

Bernard Mills    [Publisher: Fonthill Media]    Softback

Devon Transition from Steam

Andrew Fox    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback

The East Somerset and Cheddar Valley Railways

Richard Harman    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

From The Camel To The Exe

Jefferey Grayer    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback

Impermanent Ways Volume 7 Dorset

Jeffery Grayer    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

Impermanent Ways Volume 8 Gloucestershire

Jeffery Grayer    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

In The Tracks Of The Cornish Riviera Express

Amyas Crump    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

Memories Of The Withered Arm

Peter Barnfield    [Publisher: Wild Swan]    Softback

Memories of West Country Railway Journeys 1960-1962

Peter Barnfield    [Publisher: Wild Swan]    Softback

The Minehead Branch 1848 - 1971

Ian Coleby    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Peter Gray's West Country Railways

Amyas Crump and Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

The Railways of Exeter and Axminster to Lyme Regis

Neil Butters    [Publisher: Stenlake Publishing]    Softback

Railways Of The Western Region In The 1970s and 1980s

Kevin Redwood    [Publisher: Amberley Publishing]    Softback

Saltash Auto to HST

Terry Nicholls    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Hardback

The South Devon Railway

John Brodribb    [Publisher: Silver Link]    Softback

The Struggle For The Cornwall Railway - Fated Decisions

Hugh Howes    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Softback

Taunton To Minehead 50 Years Of Change

Vic Mitchell    [Publisher: Middleton Press]    Hardback

Western Steam in Devon and Cornwall

Michael Welch    [Publisher: Capital]    Hardback

The Withered Arm Southern Lines to the Far West

Peter Waller    [Publisher: Unique Books]    Softback