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Great Western Railway Dean 40ft Vans

Tony Miller    [Publisher: Great Western Study Group]    Softback

Great Western Siphons

John Lewis    [Publisher: Wild Swan]    Hardback

John Lewis has taken the original text of Jack Slinn's 1986 book for HMRS and enlarged and re-written it, using his extensive knowledge, additional sources of information, and observations made since original publication. Drawing upon the considerable study of the subject and resulting information on the subject that has been found since 1986, this book also uses the extensive collection of photographs and information collected and made available by the late David Hyde. It has been produced with the full support of the HMRS, who kindly sourced original drawings from the National Railway Museum for the book. A comprehensive text on all types of vehicles and the traffics they carried are accompanied by numerous photographs of the vehicles and the trains they ran in, covering all eras, together with a good selection of clearly reproduced "original" works drawings.

Model Railway Journal 303

Jerry Clifford    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Jerry Clifford contemplates the realism of our model railways in his editorial, demonstrating his points with a further tour around his own blossoming Somerset and Dorset empire in 2mm scale. Adrian Garner turns his own wheels and axles in 7mm scale, Alex Duckworth builds the distinctive EB1 in 2mm scale based upon a Mike Edge kit, and Nigel Ashton's superb 2mm scale model of Drws-Y-Nant forms the main layout feature. Gerry Beale EM-ifies the Accurascale Manor and gives it a new titfer, Guy Molyneux does a brilliant job of creating PGAs using modern methods and last but not least, Barry Norman introduces his new layout project with "Drifting away from Eye". There are also letters, and very sadly an obituary to the fantastic modeller and character that was Mike Doherty, I will miss him very much.

Voie Libre 117

Francois Fontana    [Publisher: LR Presse]    Magazine

The second edition of this magazine that I have so far taken into stock, and as idiosyncratic and delightful as ever. The cover really draws you in, featuring a narrow gauge layout that goes under the byline of "1/32 Sinister Gherkins", the splendid creation of Michael K.B., a 1/32 scale narrow gauge line (running on 16.5mm) that runs from a gherkin canning factory to a gherkin distillery in a delightful flight of fantasy, all staged in individual boxed scenes with lots of figures(!) This edition's central "folder" with excellent 1/43 plans and lots of prototype information covers the railcars of the Economiques des Charentes, great modelling subjects, while the "building" feature covers O gauge Heywood-esque narrow gauge wagons built in wood on N scale wagon chassis. The "scenery" feature rather undersells its subject, a terrific working model of a French version of Volks' "Daddy Long Legs" at Brighton, the prototype being at St Malo. This edition's "technique" feature has Eric Fresne creating unique transfers for his wagons, while the layout plan is "My father's mine", a neat wordplay and a fascinating and humbling bit of modelling history that leads into an interesting two level layout idea. At the other end of the technological scale, but with considerable craft, seven participants create some really lovely Billard "DK Sets" in H0-9. These are for a great layout "A night in the Peloponese", also fully featured in this issue, and accompanying this is an article on the prototype, the Diakopto- Kalavyryta rack railway - of which I knew nothing until now. Alain Miglierina combines an old Jouef motor trolley mechanism with plastikard and paper to produce a Gn15 motor trailer and finally Eric Fresne demystifies DCC, using (joy of joys as I use them) the Z21 Multimaus. I'm still confused, but there is a lot of useful looking stuff here to explore(!) In addition to reviews of models and items of interest, including James Hilton's Small Layout Design Handbook, a feature records the sad passing of Andreas Schonfield, the man responsible for the joyful rejuvenation pf MinitrainS. All in all, this is another great and inspiring read from LR Presse.