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Archive 104

Ian Pope    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

The Barry Railway Its Docks & Successors

Brian P. Mills    [Publisher: Bryngold Books]    Hardback

More infrastructure than trains, this a detailed and very pictorial record of the railways built by the Barry Railway and what has happened to them, especially the more recent changes after the decimation of the coal mining industry. The result is fascinating, partly because the whole landscape has changed so much around the railway, but mainly because the author has an intimate knowledge of his subject, is well connected in the field of permanent way and the "nuts and bolts" of operations and has also spent a long time researching and recording his subject.

The Book Of The Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0s

John Jennison    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

The Book Of The Stanier 8F 2-8-0s Part Two Wartime Engines 48126-48297

Ian Sixsmith    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

Green Diesels In View

Michael Welch    [Publisher: Capital]    Hardback

Industrial Locomotives & Railways Of The North East

Gordon Edgar    [Publisher: Amberley Publishing]    Softback

Ivo Peters Volume Six Ironstone Lines

Ivo Peters    [Publisher: Julian Peters]    DVD

The Liveries Of The Pre-Grouping Railways Vol 3 The North Of England & Scotland

Nigel Digby    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

The London Tilbury & Southend Railway Volume 7 Modernisation

Peter Kay    [Publisher: Peter Kay]    Softback

Model Railway Journal 275

Barry Norman and Paul Karau    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Edited by Paul and Karau Barry Norman, jointly musing on the Cameo and other layout challenges and the consequent starting of projects, or not. The main article features Mike Baker and Martin Finney's "Newton Heath Works", the winner of the Cameo challenge and a superb bit of modelling to boot, complete with working tipper wagons and a novel use for cat lit! Two lovely LSWR non corridor coaches built from Southwark Bridge etches by Graham Thompson, Stephen Williams developing suburbia at Faringdon, some superb signals in "Portfolio", Ty Dwr water column in 7mm scale by Peter Kazer and Gordon Gravett, (a really lovely bit of scenic modelling of a lost feature on the Talyllyn Railway) and Tim Peacock finishes some GWR standard water tanks. Also small suppliers forum, Trever Pott on wagon loads and a decent letters page, which includes a great piece of writing from Peter Hunt of Chuffs fame recalling Mike Sharman and the Tibetian National.... So thank you Peter and farewell Mike, singular characters both.

Rocking Rolling Riding A pictorial tribute to the Mumbles Railway

David Benyon    [Publisher: Bryngold Books]    Softback

A very nicely produced collection of photographs of the fascinating railway cum tramway that ran along the Swansea shoreline through the intriguingly named Oystermouth. Shades of Emmet, it was latterly an electric tramway operation that finally ground to a halt in 1960, and has been an intriguing subject ever since. Although locally published some years ago I hadn't previously seen this book until last week, and I think it deserves to be brought to the attention of a wider audience hence the inclusion in my stock.

The Southern Way No 49

Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

The Southern Way Special Issue No 16 50 Years of the Bournemouth Electrics

Colin Scott-Morton    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

T.E. Williams The Lost Colour Collection Volume 3

Dick Blenkinsop    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback