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Amberdale and the Railway Which Runs Through It.

Philip Harvey    [Publisher: Fonthill Media]    Softback

Philip Harvey's Amberdale model railway is a truly wonderful creation, a lifetime's work which commenced as long ago as 1959 and which has sustained interest ever since. Although it has been featured many times in the model railway press, notably in MRJ issue 63 in 1993, it has not until now had a whole book devoted to it. Printed in full colour this lovely book takes the form of an illustrated journey along the line in the 1890s, the period in which the line is set. An imaginative tour de force, as a reader I was completely drawn into the world of Amberdale, its landscape, people, businesses and of course railway, through the beautiful pictures and thought provoking text. Although by no means a manual of techniques, the text illuminates many of the techniques and approaches that Philip adopted in creating this utterly believable model world, including a track plan showing how it all fits together. Philip is quite modest about his achievement, including the fact that it is "free lance" in the sense that it does not follow any one prototype, but I would say that Amberdale is absolutely up there with the very best of the many model railway that have been created. This is an unusual and very attractive book and I hope that many people buy it and read it, because they will have had the pleasure of discovering the magic that is Amberdale together with the interest and joy to be had from a lifetime of absorption in a wonderful hobby.

Archive 112

Ian Pope    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Power generation in Staffordshire, the Caledonian Canal, Part Two of Cheltemham Coach Station, the mortal remains of which are about to be redeveloped I believe, Austin's three litre White Elephant and the sad tale of Ludovic Berry. Something for everyone here I think.

BR Steam Locomotives Complete Allocations History 1948 - 1968

Hugh Longworth    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

BR Steam Locomotives Complete Allocations History 1948 - 1968 new edition

Hugh Longworth    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

Bradford Railways in Colour

Alan Witaker & Jan Rapacz    [Publisher: Willowherb Publishing]    Hardback

British Industrial Steam In The 1960s

Terence Dorrity    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Carmarthen To Fishguard Harbour

John Hodge    [Publisher: Pen and Sword]    Hardback

The Joy of Jinties The 3F 0-6-0Ts of the LMS and BR Part One 47260-47339

Ian Sixsmith    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

Model Railway Journal 287

Barry Norman    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Edited by Barry Norman, whose editorial theme of trains in the night leads neatly into Jim Smith-Wright's masterful evocation of the night time railway through a stunning collection of images of the latest incarnation of "Brettell Road". James Wells artfully makes the Hornby 08 more mundane in P4, James Aitken applies the latest laser cutting and 3D printing to wagon construction, the late John Watson's friends describe the evolution of his last model, "Cratfield" accompanied by a stunning images of the finished result, Mike Osborne builds a Midland trolley wagon in S7 and Jamie Guest brings up the rear modelling overhead line equipment for his Lancaster Green Ayre layout in 7mm scale. Finally Bob Essery's sad passing is recorded with a well written obituary from his friend David Hunt accompanied by a personal "thank you" from Paul Karau.

Railway Structures in Wales and the Marches

Trefor Jone and Mike Morton Lloyd Compiled by Jonathan David and Ray Caston    [Publisher: Welsh Rlys. Research Circle]    Softback

A wonderful book, collected drawings of largely Cambrian Railways structures, together with photographs and details of the routes and locations described. Absolutely top drawer inspiration and source material for modellers, Dutton were the signalling contractors to the Cambrian and so these deigns and buildings relate to many other lines in the UK. Small signal boxes, waiting shelters, water cranes, buildings and numerous other details of the railways as they once were. Piece de resistance has to be Aberdovey's wagon turntable and traverser, photographed and recorded in 1959 - just wonderful.

Scottish Railway Atlas Then And Now

Paul Smith and Paul Jordan    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

Somerset and Dorset Demise

Jeffery Grayer    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback

The Southern Way Special No.18 60 Years of the Kent Coast Electrification

Colin Scott-Morton    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

Track Layout Diagrams GWR & BR(WR) 22 Midland & South Western Junction Rly

R. A. Cooke    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Track Layout Diagrams of BR (WR) North Cornwall & Devon (L&SWR Lines)

R. A. Cooke    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback