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The Art of Railway Modelling

James Hilton    [Publisher: Wild Swan]    Softback

In this book, James Hilton develops the ideas and themes of his earlier "Small Layout Design Handbook" around the notion that we could, or perhaps even should, consider and talk about our model creations in terms of their being "art". He starts off by explaining what he means and then considers how we construct and approach our models from an "artistic" perspective. Over half the book consists of newly developed layout themes, considered here as "stage sets", covering a wide range of prototype themes, including North American ideas and prototypes.

Model Railway Journal 299

Paul Karau    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Edited by Paul Karau, who encourages potential contributors to submit their material and reflects on the incredibly high quality of contemporary ready to run stock. Features include a further retrospective on "Nonsuch to Ruxley" including the current state of the surviving "Ruxley", Gerry Beale loads a "Macaw" with timber, T. Pott outlines his long established spraying techniques, Barry Norman relates the creation of J15 No 65442, and Stephen Williams refines a Hornby Hawksworth corridor second. Dave Roome shares his wonderful 1970s "Underhill Yard" layout and Chris Cox describes the creation of his "Greyhound Place" buildings for his Bermondsey model. Other features are small suppliers forum, portfolio, real modelling(?) and Alpha Mill at Slattocks Junction. No letters though - get writing!

Saltash Auto to HST

Terry Nicholls    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Hardback

Subtitled "The memoirs of a Western Region railwayman, this is a wonderful record of the railway career of the irrepressible Terry Nicholls, well known in these parts as an excellent and entertaining raconteur and photographic recorder of the railway scene. Terry's railway career spanned the introduction of the hydraulics and the elimination of steam, followed by the diesel electric era and the introduction of the marvellous HSTs. Extensively illustrated from photographs from Terry's own collection, featuring a lot of unusual "behind the scenes" views and all accompanied by a well informed and entertaining text, wonderful!