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Barrow in Furness and its Railway

Michael Andrews    [Publisher: Barrai Books]    Softback

A stylish and refreshingly "different" looking book, which recounts the early history of the Furness Railway and the town that it built. It is based around a thesis on the railways of Barrow in Furness by the late Michael Andrews, a Barrow lad who was brought up and educated in the town before going onto greater things. Designed by Alan Johnstone the book is a visual delight, with wonderful maps, photographs and cover graced with an utterly glorious painting by the late Edward Paget-Tomlinson, best known for his interest in canals. This is a really nice book!

British Railways The 1st 25 years Vol 10 Mid Wales and The Cambrian Coast

J Allan and A Murray    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Caledonian Railway Locomotives The Classic Years

H J C Cornwell    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

The Crowsnest Chronicles

Roy C Link    [Publisher: RCL Publications]    Softback

Dare I say it, this is ludicrously good value, a really lovely exposition on a near lifetime of modelling and pursuing an idea based upon the Snailbeach Railway in rural Shropshire. Large scale modelling in a small area is a general description of what Roy is about with the "Crowsnest", and this book is an absolute delight from every possible point of view. There is a fascinating appendix that briefly describes the genesis of 16mm railway modelling, featuring the fabled "Merioneth Mercury" and more besides. Just lovely.

James Smart of Chalford

Hugh Conway Jones    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

The Lancashire Derbyshire And East Coast Railway Volume 3

Chris Booth    [Publisher: Fonthill Media]    Softback

The third and final part of a well researched and well produced history of an ambitious independent concern that ended up as a coal carrying part of the Great Central's network. This volume examines the very beginnings of the whole enterprise, including the un-built parts, before going on to explore in detail two connecting lines, the Mansfield and the Mid Nottinghamshire Joint Railways. Apart from anything else, this last part is a fascinating view of the contraction of railways that has accompanied the relatively recent decimation of the coal industry in the area. An interesting story accompanied by a wealth of photographic content that well illustrates all aspects of its subject.

Model Railway Journal 279

Jerry Clifford    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Edited by Jerry Clifford, with an editorial that acknowledges the impact of Coronavirus but also reflects on the happy notion that few of us modellers and enthusiasts will have suffered boredom over the last few strange months, and that some of us might even have finished the odd model. Speaking for myself, I haven't been bored, and my own 1/32 brake van has made some progress - hopefully it will gain wheels and even some paint before the year is out. In the magazine there is a lovely retrospective on Copenhagen Fields, an article on "stay alives", kitchen table scratch building an Irish 4-4-0, the brilliant (EM) "Bottom Works Siding" (one of the superbest Cameo competition winners), a shop from St Erth beautifully modelled in 2mm scale, and bringing up the rear a Class 15 in 2mm scale from Bob Isgar. Plus letters, small suppliers forum and obituaries to Dave Alexander and Adrian Swain, who have both sadly left us.

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review 123

Roy Link    [Publisher: RCL Publications]    Magazine

Delightful as ever, the editorial reviews some light lockdown card modelling that emanated from the magazine's website, Paul Holmes continues "Hulme End" in O 17.5, Trevor Hughes builds some superb original TR track in 1/32 scale, Paul Bersten describes a 9mm model of a Marion steam shovel and Stuart Baker describes an 18" gauge "Deptford Diesel".James Hilton builds what looks suspiciously like a standard gauge Hunslet from a Judith Edge kit, destined for the Pacific Coast while Ian Johnston home brews a Welshpool & Llanfair brake van in 7mm scale, finally Roy reviews the new Bachmann Trains 1:48 Baldwin Class 10 locomotive.

The Southern Way No 51

Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

Swindon to Bristol by both routes Past and Present 69

Tim Maddocks and John Stretton    [Publisher: Silver Link]    Softback

Over 200 photographs that take a nostalgic and comparative look at the two Great Western Routes heading west from Swindon. The great strength of this book is its excellent coverage of the recent engineering changes that have place along the routes in preparation for electrification, which was subsequently and partially cancelled. This has proved to be one of the great mysteries of current times to my way of thinking, but I don't think that anyone is blaming the Russians for it(!)