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The Atmospheric Western George Heiron's Evocative Photographs

Leslie Price    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Hardback

A really impressive collection of photographs, all taken by the larger than life railway photographer and artist George Heiron. He was a Bristolian and the images selected for this book are with few exceptions on main lines from Weston Super Mare through Bristol to Swindon, and from Gloucester on the Golden Valley route, all being of ex GWR lines. The photographs are stunning, traditional three quarters views of trains, superb views of people on platforms, dramatic views of trains in motion, night time shots, interesting infrastructure views and also more "landscape" shots - all carefully composed and skillfully taken. The captions are good and detailed, but do not give any dates for any of the photographs, I guess that George did not keep such notes. Also (and I am being hyper picky here) they are at times a bit on the over written side of things and do include a few grammatical idiosyncracies. However, these are minor points that do not detract from the magnificent images, all beautifully reproduced and well printed to a large size in a 280mm by 280mm sized format - this is a beautiful book and an absolute bargain at 27.50,

The Barry Railway Its Docks & Successors

Brian P. Mills    [Publisher: Bryngold Books]    Hardback

More infrastructure than trains, this a detailed and very pictorial record of the railways built by the Barry Railway and what has happened to them, especially the more recent changes after the decimation of the coal mining industry. The result is fascinating, partly because the whole landscape has changed so much around the railway, but mainly because the author has an intimate knowledge of his subject, is well connected in the field of permanent way and the "nuts and bolts" of operations and has also spent a long time researching and recording his subject.

First Generation Diesels In East Anglia

Alan C Butcher    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback

A first class collection of black and white images,all well produced and pleasingly set into chapters that logically follow the routes and branch lines of East Anglia. The images are all from the camera of Dr Ian C Allen, a highly accomplished photographer who, as this book shows, carried on recording the railway scene after steam traction gave way to the diesels. A really super collection of photographs, motive power aside they are all absolutely full with railway and historic interest.

Great Western Pannier Tanks An Overview Of Their Design & Development

David Maidment    [Publisher: Pen and Sword]    Hardback

Model Railway Journal 276

Gerry Beale    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Gerry Beale is in the editorial chair, sensibly suggesting that we embrace new technologies and high quality RTR rather than bemoaning a potential loss of craft skills. The the main layout feature is Dent and Dentdale in 4mm OO(?) by Ian Nuttall. Previously featured in Railway Modeller, "Railway of the Month" in November 2013, this exquisite and atmospheric layout has somehow previously passed me by. A terrific follow up to the late David Jenkinson's "Garsdale Road" and also acknowledging David's wonderful "Rails In The Fells" book, which must rate as the best Geography lesson that has ever been given(!) I'm sure David would forgive me, it is a book that inspired me and which I still go back to and it helped Ian to produce his breathtaking recreation too. Other features include Worseter locomotive shed, Gerry and Jerry building a 54XX in EM, using state of the art products from the trade, Rodney Cooper builds an exquisite GWR Diagram L autotrailer from a David Geen kit, Alan Brakenborough shows us a new halt on his achingly beautiful garden line and the irrepressible Dave Murdoch introduces us to his South Wearing Light Railway. All just about as good as it gets I think, plus a decent letters page and the usual features - wonderful.

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review 121

Roy Link    [Publisher: RCL Publications]    Magazine

Rocking Rolling Riding A pictorial tribute to the Mumbles Railway

David Benyon    [Publisher: Bryngold Books]    Softback

A very nicely produced collection of photographs of the fascinating railway cum tramway that ran along the Swansea shoreline through the intriguingly named Oystermouth. Shades of Emmet, it was latterly an electric tramway operation that finally ground to a halt in 1960, and has been an intriguing subject ever since. Although locally published some years ago I hadn't previously seen this book until last week, and I think it deserves to be brought to the attention of a wider audience hence the inclusion in my stock.

The Southern Way No 49

Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

Western Region Non-Passenger Trains

Jeremy Clements    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback

A great collection of quality images from the Dick Riley and Peter Gray collections, featuring non passenger trains of all types. The book is arranged into logical chapter headings covering different traffic types and the images are all well produced and interesting.