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Branch Lines To Chard

Ian Harrison    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

A really lovely and significant book that decribes in superb detail the two railways and their associated works which went together to form what was known as the Chard branch. Never before covered by its own book,this is the result of many years of research and interest in the subject by the author, who has been able to access a wealth of material to support his story. The photographic coverage is wonderful, there are drawings of some of the buildings included and a comprehensive track and signalling diagrams too. The wonderfully complicated arrangements of stations at Chard are exquisitely detailed in fascinating pictures, and the details of Chard Junction well covered too, including the main line station and its associated dairy, only recently demolished. There is a really nice colour section included and another very nice touch are details and photographs of some notable rail served businesses that used the line. A terrific book!

Experience Plus

Kerr Stuart    [Publisher: Industrial Locomotive Society]    Softback

A nicely done facsimile reprint of a small brochure produced by Kerr Stuart to advertise their ingenious geared steam locomotives. Kerr Stuart were a successful and innovative company who had well regarded and established conventional designs, in addition to developing diesel power and building numbers of main line locomotives. It nonetheless went into receivership in unfortunate circumstances in 1930 with its goodwill and designs passing on to the Hunslet Company.

GWR Goods Cartage Volume 2 Garages Liveries Cartage and Containers

Tony Atkins    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

The final part of the series of books that has covered Great Western Railway freight services in fine detail. This last volume is arguably the most appealing, covering as it does the "motorised era" from around the First World War up until just before Nationalisation. The photographic coverage is terrific and the variety of vehicle amazing, from really primitive looking contraptions up to quite modern looking machines. Great detail for modellers in addition to being a fascinating record of how physical distribution "grew up" ahead of the rationalisation and moves to road transport after the war.

Locomotives Of The Victorian Railway The Early Days Of Steam

Anthony Dawson    [Publisher: Amberley Publishing]    Softback

From "Rocket" to "Coppernob" via "Lion", and on the broad gauge "Firefly" and the "Iron Duke". A detailed and well illustrated account of the development of these early locomotives, a number of which survive in one form or another, by now alongside fascinating replicas that have been built since. A good account of how technology of all aspects of locomotive engineering had to evolve as the railways became more successful and loads and speeds increased.

Model Railway Journal 270

Paul Karau    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Edited by Paul Karau, musing on narrow gauge locomotives, this issue also contains Geoff Kent's continuing account of how he created "Black Lion Crossing", Dave Roome describes his latest, a convincing Scottish suburban survival in the 1970s, Trevor Pott contributes an informative piece on wagon loads and their wherefores, which we could all do with paying a bit more attention to I think. Other features cover some intriguing Wartime model buildings, Justin Newitt applying his etches and other magic to 4mm railtanks, a glimpse of Peter Kazer's latest convincing models of Hughes locomotives in two scales and finally some 4mm scale suburban development in rural Oxfordshire. Plus an obituary to ERH Francis, letters and the other usual bits.

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review 118

Roy Link    [Publisher: RCL Publications]    Magazine

From the rear, features include a nice retrospective on Nigel Macmillan's Campbeltown and Machrihanish Railway, the "Little Wonder", a GN15 photo plank, news from David Taylor's Bridport and Charmouth system, Giles Favell's extraordinary O14 working crane and a layout feature - a very effective looking O14 woodland railway called "Tony's Forest". Plus prototype features, reviews and editorial - all good stuff. I will admit to feeling a bit sad that quirky standard gauge doesn't appear to feature in this magazine any more, I think we need more of that too!

The Ramsey East Branch

Peter Paye    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

Great to see, a return to form under new ownership, 184 pages of pleasure delving into one of the most obscure railways in the land. Well produced on art paper and fully researched, track and signalling diagrams, a map and lots of good photographs covering all eras.

Simplex Locomotives At Work

Alan M. Keef    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

A brilliant collection of high quality and very varied photographs depicting Simplex locos both standard and narrow gauge at work across the world. Accompanying details are comprehensive, including both locomotive details but also the varied customers and industries that have used them . Alan Keef is the perfect person to have written this book as he effectively took over what was left of the company in 1987 and is an engineer and builder of locomotives in his own right too. The photographs are terrific, many of them in colour, and have been drawn together from a very wide number of sources.

Southern Maunsell 4-4-0 Classes

David Maidment    [Publisher: Pen and Sword]    Hardback

The Southern Way 46

Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback