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Archive 103

Ian Pope    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Chimneys Ltd and its chimneys, Waterloo Colliery, a flying arch in Sodbury cutting, the "Stoneleigh" car marque, a decent sized feature on the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation, building the Chessington branch and a super feature including nice colour shots of the Minera Limeworks. As satisfyingly off beam as ever!

Brotherhoods Engineers for Power Transport and Weapons

Sydney A Leleux    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

The Diary of Thomas Baron 1855-1862 A LNWR Engineman at Work

Edward Talbot    [Publisher: L&NWR Society]    Softback

The LNWR 42ft Carriages of Richard Bore

Richard Ball and Peter Chatham    [Publisher: L&NWR Society]    Softback

Model Railway Journal 273

Barry Norman    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Barry Norman is in the editorial chair, musing on the tools modellers use, Barry appears to favour a cross between Electronic control and an insecticide with a bad name to run his trains, probably a typo... This issue's layout is "Templefield", a very characterful small layout about which I had previously not heard, featuring a good piece of writing with it too. Then follows Peter Kazer's detailed account of building Corris No. 3 in two different scales. Otherwise known as "Sir Haydn" on the Talyllyn Railway, this was a small Hughes locomotive, similar versions of which were also available in standard gauge flavours, viz "Elephant" in Kent, I digress, but as Peter demonstrates they make very attractive models, especially in the larger scales. Tom Knapp describes the "Paget Chrisian Centre" building on Copenhagen Fields, part two of Karl Crowther's build of the Manning Wardle K kit, searchlight signals on the Eastern from Jas Millham, more work at Farringdon from Stephen Williams, commode handles from Trever Pott, some exquisite models in "Portfolio" and all the usual features besides.

Narrow Gauge Tracks In The Sand

Rod Dingwall    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

Somerset & Dorset The R C Riley Archive 1955 - 1965

Jefferey Grayer    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback

Southern Style Part Four After Nationalisation 1948 - 1964

John Harvey    [Publisher: HMRS]    Softback

Southern Workhorses Q1 0-6-0s 33001 - 33040

Leslie Tibble Richard Derry    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

The Ultimate Guide To Making Buildings In Dioramas

Fernando Vallejo    [Publisher: AK Interactive]    Softback

The Weathering Magazine Issue 23 Die Cast

Sergiusz Peczek    [Publisher: Mig Jimenez]    Magazine

The Weathering Magazine Issue 24 Under New Management

Sergiusz Peczek    [Publisher: Mig Jimenez]    Magazine

This reliably well produced and colourful series happily goes from strength to strength, tackling all sorts of subjects and ideas with wit and intelligence. Aimed at military modellers, the subjects can be a bit "esoteric" for us railway types, although the techniques used are always interesting. This issue is a bit on the military side, but has one feature that makes it worth buying alone, Mig Jiminez himself no less, Germanifying a 1968 built GE Spanish diesel locomotive as used by Volkswagen at their Pamplone plant - just brilliant and and a wonderfully eye catching result too.

The Weathering Magazine Issue 27 Recycled

Sergiusz Peczek    [Publisher: Mig Jimenez]    Magazine

Western Ways The R C Riley Archive 1937 - 1965

Jeremy Clements    [Publisher: Transport Treasury]    Softback