Wild Swan on Tour


The following exhibitions are still due to tke place this year, although I think it unlikely that any will actually take place. Larkrail is cancelled , but here is a poem for when it returns from the bard of Cathays, thank you Roger!

A first class return to Larkhall

For the finest miscellany of all

There's trains of all gauges

And books thru the ages

In that Shop down the 'ill from the 'all

Oh! We've waited a couple of years

For the show to return, so three cheers!

There'll bea tea and some cake

And make no mistake

In the pub later on... a few beers

Guildex Telford
Scalefourum Stoke Mandeville
Warley NEC
29th & 30th August
28th & 29th September
23rd & 24th November

If you have any particular requirements, or would like me to bring along particular books to a show, then please let me know in advance of the show.

E-mail simon@wildswanbooks.co.uk