Wild Swan on Tour


At the time of writing none of the exhibitions that I normally attend are taking place and, as a consequence, there are no events listed here. Pretty much all exhibitions across our hobby have had to be cancelled owing to Coronavirus and it seems to me that the earliest date that any event might take place is Easter 2021, but who knows?

Larkrail remains a distinct possibility for July 2021, assuming lifted restrictions and a more optimistic outlook than the current fog of uncertainty. In the meantime I leave you with the poem that Roger Swan of Cardiff kindly wrote for the return of Larkrail this year:

A first class return to Larkhall
For the finest miscellany of all
There's trains of all gauges
And books thru the ages
In that Shop down the 'ill from the 'all
Oh! We've waited a couple of years
For the show to return, so three cheers!
There'll be a tea and some cake
And make no mistake
In the pub later on... a few beers

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