A better standard for Gauge One


Wheel Standards
  Description G1R
A Tyre Width 4.5mm
C Tyre Coning 3
D Flange Depth 0.9mm
E Flange Width 0.9mm
F Chamfer Depth 0.2mm
Root Radius between flange and tread 0.5mm
Flange tip radius 0.45mm
Track Standards
  Description G1R
G Gauge 45.0mm
TBB Over check rails 42.0mm
WBB Wheel back-to-back 42.20mm
TCG Track Check Gauge 43.50mm
WCG Wheel Check Gauge 43.10mm
FW Flangeway 1.5mm
Gauge widening for use with curves under 3m radius
G Gauge 45.50mm
FW Flangeway 2.0mm
Wheels must have a back-to-back not less than the over check rails value of 42.0mm.
The wheel check gauge (back of one flange to face of the other) must not exceed 43.5mm.
Some form of springing or compensation is recommended when using these standards.
It is recommended that gauge widening is exercised (as noted above) when using these standards.


Last revised 31st October 2006, Simon Dunkley & Simon Castens. (Slight change to back to back to guarantee compatibility with G1 Fine)


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