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April 2014

Trade developments

Fred Phipps is just getting all the pieces together to be able to offer a complete kit for the"original" North British D600 "Warships", Steve Harrod has I think started building an example and I hope that he will bring it with him to "Larkrail" on the 19th July next. Based upon the resin casting for the body it should be a absolutely magnificent piece of work....

Accucraft are still planning to produce a ready to run scale RCH Private Owner wagon and I think Ian Pearse is contemplating a brake van as a future product, I think they would sell by the bucketload.

Trevor Taylor and his Gauge One model company have now produced and delivered their Gauge One ready to run Mark One coaches, and they are absolutely superb. I have received my set of four Southern Region green examples and they are just beautiful. There are a few issues, but they look much more Mark One shaped than the (much more expensive) Tower Models in my opinion and are also astonishingly good value. Here are two of them out on my line a few days ago.

The cost of a set of four coaches, two brake seconds and two seconds each with different numbers, is currently £975.00 and individual coaches will cost £250.00 each. These are the best thing to happen to Gauge One for a very long time in my opinion, offering a good looking coach that offers scope for the modeller to personalise but looking utterly Mark One-ish while you consider the options. Well done and thank you very much to Trevor and his team for getting these made and brought to market

Slaters haven't produced anything new for Gauge One recently, I think the Midland brake van is still the next model due for release.

Tower Models and Finescale Brass continue as the sources of imported brass 1/32 RTR, although it really would appear that production in China reallly has finished, so it's gently increasing prices on dwindling stocks as far as I can see.

Trevor Cousens at Mercian Models is still beavering away, you can now buy the Class 14 diesel hydraulic in 1/32 scale and he has also done a kit for the 14XX. He will also be re-issuing John Dale's superb Manning Wardle shortly, which in its original form is one of the very few kits I have ever managed to successfully complete - which is a great endorsement of its "buildability."

The Web

Some rumpus or other appears to have killed off the G1MRA Yahooo group and it has now been re-launched as open to all but not able to discuss anything to do with G1MRA. It is a closed group so one can't see the messages unless one joins, and it all sounds about as appealing as a trip to the dentists to me, still it might be worth a try. I still reckon Western Thunder to be the most accomodating and useful "destination" on the internet for 1/32 scale railway modelling, it is where I tend to post the results of my own G1 endeavours.

Personal trains

At last, some serious progress in my garden. The track base is now completed right around the garden and a lift out girder bridge for the final "gap" across the garden path is now being built by my multi talented friend Dave Carter. I reckon this year will see trains running around the garden on a continuous run.

Here is a recent view with D6319 lifting a rake of empty bogie bolsters out of Wenbridge Junction, no doubt it is headed back to Broad Clyst for more new track panels for the Westwards extension. The bogie bolsters (all five of them) were recently scratch built by my very talented friend Dave Easto.

I have finished off a couple of earlier wagons as somewhat improbable departmental survivors, here they are in the morning sunshine in the yard at Wenbridge...

As before, If you know of any product or information which should be added to this site, then please let me know.


Steve Harrod's repainted Bachmann 03 on a short goods working out on the line.



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The intention of this site is to build a point of reference and centre of information for all individuals with an interest in 1/32nd scale standard gauge modelling. The fact that most prototypes discussed are British reflects the author's first interest and that outside of the UK Gauge One is generally practised at 1/32nd scale already.

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