Irish Railways

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Along UTA Lines

Ian McLarnon Sinclair    [Publisher: Colourpoint]    Softback

Back In Steam

Gerry Cochrane    [Publisher: Colourpoint]    Softback

Irish Broad Gauge Carriages

Desmond Coakham    [Publisher: Ian Allan]    Softback

Locomotive Compendium Ireland

Colin Boocock    [Publisher: Ian Allan]    Hardback

Parting Shot

Sheila Johnston    [Publisher: Colourpoint]    Softback

Rails Through North Kerry Limerick to Tralee and Branches

Jonathan Beaumont and Barry Carse    [Publisher: Colourpoint]    Softback

Steaming In Three Centuries Story of the 101 Class Locomotives

Irwin Pryce Leslie McAllister    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Tracks Of The City An Introduction to the Rlys. Tramways & Metro in Dublin

Donal Murray    [Publisher: Colourpoint]    Softback