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Building a Model Railway - Designing a Layout

Barry Norman    106 pages    Softback    1997

An original and inspiring book on how to design model railways. Drawing on experience gained with projects such as Inkerman Street and North Shields, the author gets right down to basic and useful features of design that can be applied to any model. A good idea are the photocopyable template sections to aid the planning process - an excellent book. On page 10 there is an excellent detailed view of a dairy siding, if anyone knows where the place was I would dearly like to know. The caption reveals no clues to its location although it looks like a Western Region installation to me.

Creating Cameo Layouts

Iain Rice    120 pages    Softback    2017

"A well crafted miniature in a complimentary setting" is the sense in which Cameo is being considered here, or as Iain goes on to say; a layout that does not require a dedicated site, is easy to move and store, doesn't look out of place in a domestic setting and is a breeze to take to exhibitions. Rather more than the arguably overdone "shunting plank" in a new suit of MDF, these small self contained layouts really can offer an objective in their own right, and need not be mere substitutes for something bigger. I think Iain argues his case very convicingly, backing up his concept with a wealth of practical experience and numerous useful techniques and ideas, all properly set into the context of finescale modelling since the mid 1980s. As a reader I really felt I "owned" this book and as am now highly motivated to create my own interpretation of a cameo. I hope this book will make other readers feel the same and maybe even result in some of us creating satisfying model railways which will deliver heavily in the fruits of success and enjoyment. This perhaps instead of pursuing grandiose schemes, which are in reality unlikely to produce many crates of lemons for the amount of effort they may well involve...