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Claughton & Patriot 4-6-0s Locomotive Monographs No.3

G. Toms & R. J. Essery    124 pages    Softback    2006

Whilst not as detailed as the "LMS Profile" series from Wild Swan, this is nonetheless a pretty comprehensive description and account of two classes of 4-6-0 locomotives the Claughton being more or less the predecessor of the Patriot. Additional interest in this subject has arisen through the ongoing project to build a brand new "Patriot". Progress is steady and the new locomotive is to be named "The Unknown Warrior".

A Gresley Anthology

Geoffrey Hughes    102 pages    Softback    1994

A selection of articles written over twenty years for the journal of the Gresley Society, all discussing the work and products of Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 3 The Parallel Boiler 2-6-4 Tank Engines

David Hunt, Bob Essery and Fred James    64 pages    Softback    2002

This book covers the Derby designed locomotives that appeared in December 1927 under the auspices of the LMS. Designed for suburban passenger traffic, they formed a successful class that laid the foundations for the later taper boilered classes. Based upon research from material held by the National Railway Museum this is a detailed history featuring comprehensive photography and good quality drawings.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 4 The Princess Royal Pacifics

David Hunt, Bob Essery and Fred James    112 pages    Softback    2003

A fully detailed study including extensive works drawings of Stanier's first Pacific for the LMS, which followed the "Royal Scot" class chronologically in the move away from the Midland's "small engine" policy which had hampered the early years of LMS.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 4 The Princess Royal Pacifics Pictorial Supplement

John Jennison, David Hunt & Bob Essery    96 pages    Softback    2011

A pictorial supplement to the main book, good comprehensive coverage of the class including detailed views and more general shots from both pre and post War periods.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 5 Mixed Traffic Class 5s Pictorial Supplement

John Jennison & David Clarke    72 pages    Softback    2003

Published with modellers in mind, this is a detailed photographic survey of the first batch of the ubiquitous Stanier "Black 5" locomotives.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 6 Mixed Traffic Class 5s Nos. 5225-5499 & 4658-4999

David Hunt et al    128 pages    Softback    2004

Effectively part two of the Black Five story, covering those class members built with a sloping throat plate but excluding the Caprotti geared locomotives with are in Profile Seven. As in other books in the series, there is comprehensive photographic coverage together with extensive works drawings and a detailed commentary on technical developments.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 6 Mixed Traffic Class 5s Part 2 Pictorial Supplement

John Jennison & David Clarke    64 pages    Softback    2004

A photographic addition to the main book on sloping throat plated Black Fives, excellent photographic coverage for modellers.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 7 Class 5 Caprotti Valve Gear Engines & Class Summary

David Hunt et al    96 pages    Softback    2006

The Caprotti geared black Fives, all of which were produced after the War, are here described and discussed in great detail, works drawings being included as usual for this series.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 8 The Class 8F 2-8-0s

David Hunt et al    136 pages    Softback    2005

Chapter and verse on Stanier's magnificent 8F, built in large numbers by several companies and sent abroad during World War 2, they were a familiar sight on freight operations on the steam railway. Extensive works drawing accompany a detailed account of development and lots of photographs.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 8 The Class 8F 2-8-0s Pictorial Supplement

Jennison et al    80 pages    Softback    2005

Detailed and more general photographs of the Stanier 8Fs, put together with modellers of the subject in mind.

LMS Loco Profiles No. 9 Main Line Diesel Electrics Pictorial Supplement

David Hunt & Adrian Ford    72 pages    Softback    2013

Arising from a chance meeting between David Hunt and Adrian Ford at a model railway exhibition, this book differs from other supplements in the series in containing a lot of additional information on its subject in addition to further photographs. This is because Adrian has worked on and made a study of the two twins and the level of detailed information contained in this book is consequently very impressive, imparted through photographs, sketches, plans, a detailed text and a reprint of the driver's handbook.

LMS Loco Profiles No.10 Standard Class 4 Goods 0-6-0s

David Hunt, John Jennison, Bob Essery & Fred James    126 pages    Softback    2007

Extensive works drawings, detailed photographs and a full discussion and description of the merits or otherwise of the LMS built 4Fs, a straightforward continuation of a rugged and simple Midland Railway design that has come in for some criticism over the years.

LMS Loco Profiles No.10 Standard Class 4 Goods 0-6-0s Pictorial Supplement

Bob Essery, John Jennison, Fred James & David Hunt    72 pages    Softback    2007

Extensive pictorial coverage of the LMS built 4F freight locomotives, old fashioned at their introduction, class members nonetheless more or less survived until the end of BR steam operation.

LMS Loco Profiles No.11 The Coronation Class Pacifics

David Hunt, John Jennison, Bob Meanley, Fred James & Bob Essery    174 pages    Softback    2008

Chapter and Verse on Stanier's magnificent machine, from development through manufacturing to operation and in service alterations, right down to an appendix of individual records for each class member. In addition to excellent photographic content this book contains a series of clearly reproduced works drawings covering all aspects of the locomotives, including full details of their streamlined incarnations. I do not think this collection of information will ever be bettered, an unimpeachable source of reference for would be model makers.

LMS Loco Profiles No.11 The Coronation Pacifics Pictorial Supplement

John Jennison et al    118 pages    Softback    2009

More pictures and details of Stanier's magnificent Pacifics, including some additional drawings and unusual shots of locomotives under construction.

LMS Loco Profiles No.12 The Diesel Electric Shunters

David Hunt and John Jennison    122 pages    Softback    2009

A very full description of the origins, development and technical details of the diesel shunting units that the LMS pioneered before the war and which went on to provide the basis for the 950 plus standard diesel shunters of British Railways. Both jackshaft and twin motored varieties are fully covered, comprehensive photographic coverage and numerous plans and scale drawings included.

LMS Loco Profiles No.13 The Standard Compounds

Hunt, Jennison & Essery    174 pages    Softback    2011

Chapter and verse on the good looking and powerful "Compounds", full drawings and technical details of construction, variations and performance . With their origins being with the Midland Railway and overshadowed by later designs they nonetheless make an interesting subject.

LMS Loco Profiles No.14 Standard Class 3 Freight Tank Engines

Hunt, Essery & Jennison    90 pages    Softback    2010

The ubiquitous standard shunting tank with its origins in an earlier Midland design. Universally known as"Jinties" but not apparently during their service lives, they will be familiar to many of us through models produced by Triang. Another thorough and fascinating study, including the examples built for the S&DJR by Bagnalls as late as 1929.

LMS Loco Profiles No.15 The "Royal Scots"

David Hunt John Jennison & Bob Essery    180 pages    Softback    2019

A completely new volume to cover both the original and rebuilt locomotives, 180 pages absolutely packed with information, photographs and detailed scale drawings. Although the rebuilds were covered in part one of this series, out of print for some years now, the level of detail did not match the quality of later parts and so the authors decide to cover the whole story in one book, which makes for a more logical and complete account. The drawings include twelve at large format, printed on to six fold out pages neatly bound into the book, as in some earlier volumes in the series. Style and design follow the earlier volumes in the series, but with some well executed and subtle changes that have freshened the concept, including putting the title on the spine(!) This is the first book in this series for nearly ten years and I hope to now carry on with further titles. If this book sells well then there is the prospect of producing a pictorial supplement in the near future as John Jennison has uncovered a wealth of previously unseen material on these singular locomotives.

LMS Loco Profiles No.15 The Royal Scots Pictorial Supplement

John Jennison & David Hunt    96 pages    Softback    2022

A further selection of photographs, together with works general arrangement drawings of the smokebox and inside cylinders of the rebuilt locomotives, accompanied by a brief but well informed commentary on the life of the class in traffic. The pictures are really magnificent, John Jenison has been instrumental in gaining access to some marvellous archive images through Rail Online, many of which are included in this book. A very splendid record of a singular class of express steam locomotives. The introduction also pays tribute to the late Bob Essery, a friend of both authors and significant contributor to this and other series of books.

LMS Locomotive Review No.1 Passenger Tender Engines inherited from LNWR

R.J. Essery & P. Davis    156 pages    Softback    2013

An investigation of the performance and history of the London and North Western locomotives under the LMS, including the locomotive stock of the North London Railway. This first part covers passenger tender classes and is very well illustrated with clear and attractive photographs, the whole book being deliberately set out in the sort of detail that railway modellers like to see when constructing or detailing an accurate model.

LSWR Locomotives: The Early Engines and the Beattie Classes

D.L. Bradley    260 pages    Hardback    1989

A welcome reprint of the last of the late David Bradley's fine series on LSWR locos, and a story of designs many of which prevailed until the 1920s and even beyond. The photographic coverage is very good and shows much of interest in addition to the locomotives, including several views of Adams brake vans and the ubiquitous Panter road van. The book includes details of the three ex S&D George England 2-4-0s latterly used by the LSWR's engineering department.

Midland & South Western Junction Railway Vol. 2 Locomotives

Mike Barnsley    154 pages    Hardback    1991

Profusely illustrated and with decent 7mm scale drawings throughout, the fascinating and varied locomotives that operated over "Swindon's Other Railway" are fully explored and described in this well produced hardback book.

Midland Engines No.1 Bogie Passenger Tanks

James, Hunt & Essery    52 pages    Softback    1999

A monograph on the 1833 and 2228 bogie tanks, hugely detailed drawings and newly researched information. Produced in conjunction with the NRM this book was the first of a new series, later issues of which were treated to laminated covers - which this first one wasn't.

Midland Engines No.2 The Class 3 Belpaire Goods Engines

Hunt, Essery & James    64 pages    Softback    2000

This book covers the Belpaire firebox rebuilds of earlier class three locomotives and those that were built new. Known as "Bulldogs" on the Somerset and Dorset Railway, they seem to have been appreciated much more by crews and observers than the descendant Superheated class four locomotives.

Midland Engines No.3 Class 2 Superheated 4-4-0s (483 Class Rebuilds)

Hunt, Essery & James    56 pages    Softback    2000

Photographs and extensive works drawings covering the "Midland 2P" as they were latterly known. As with all things Midland they were a mixture of locomotives with differing origins that all became one through progressive rebuilding and development. This class was one of the most elegant locomotives running into BR days I think and seems to have been remarkably sure footed and successful given its relative antiquity and wheel arrangement.

Midland Engines No.4 The 700 Class Double-Frame Goods Engines

Hunt, Essery & James    102 pages    Softback    2002

Originally built by Kirtley and one just surviving to wear a BR livery, this was a large class of elegant locomotives that almost went back to the beginning of the Midland Railway itself. As ever, extensive photographic coverage and a good selection of useful works drawings.

Midland Engines No.5 Johnson 2441 Class Goods Tank Engines

Hunt, Essery & James    78 pages    Softback    2004

A detailed record of the Midland's version of the "Jinty" tank built in large numbers by the LMS. Extensive photographic coverage and a good range of works drawings are included in this book which forms an invaluable reference for modellers of these locomotives.