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The Art of Weathering

Martyn Welch    112 pages    Softback    1994

A superb book, a practical manual of how to weather model railways of both historic and modern eras, but a book which is also a delight to look through for the sheer artistry of the results achieved by the author. One slight word of caution, the techniques assume the use of an airbrush, although the principles guiding the application of paint apply equally well to all methods.

A Modellers Handbook of Painting and Lining

Ian Rathbone    154 pages    Softback    2008

A very complete account of how an experienced painter sets about finishing railway models. Right through from tools, materials, preparation, cleaning, priming, top coating and the multifarious complexities of lining, every single stage is explained and illustrated in great detail. Apart from a very few prototype reference shots, every single photograph in this book is in colour - a first for Wild Swan and beautifully and believably printed too. The only thing is that the quality of Ian's work is so good that it makes me wonder whether I could or would ever produce anything even approaching his standard. Patience and practice are the keys according to Ian. Oh well - I believe he accepts commissions!

Modelling With Plastic Structure Kits

Iain Rice    116 pages    Softback    2014

A completely new edition of Iain Rice's deservedly popular book on getting the most from the "Wills" moulded plastic sheets, kits and scenic details. In addition to showing you how to build bridges stations and all sorts of other structures, now using colour photography throughout, there are informative and inspiring photographs of the "real thing" and Iain's excellent sketches show in detail the methods of construction adopted by the prototype. A final chapter covers painting and finishing techniques and it should also be said that throughout the book there is plenty of useful information for modelling fron scratch in styrene sheet. A great new edition from one of our best railway modelling authors, long may he continue.

Trains Cranes And Automobiles Radio Control For Model Railways

Giles Favell    112 pages    Softback    2021

In this book Giles Favell shows us just how he sets about creating his ingenious radio controlled vehicles and cranes, providing full information on his construction and design techniques and the components and suppliers that he uses. Starting with an introduction and general description, each vehicle and and crane built is described in a detailed "blow by blow" style, using numerous illustrations and sketches to explain what is going on.Towards the end of the book Giles describes his approach to radio controlling locomotives and then discusses current and future projects and possibilities. Well known for his highly entertaining "Denton Brook" layout, Giles has a nice way of explaining what he does that will I think encourage the rest of us to "have a go" ourselves.